Black flexible packaging with pink label that reads Health & Beauty. Printing services offered by The Packaging Lab to the health and beauty industry

Cosmetic packaging printing made easy

Two packages on a pink background, representing the printing services offered by The Packaging Lab to the health and beauty industry

Building Brand Loyalty With Beauty Packaging

The importance of product packaging in the health and beauty industry can’t be overstated. One of the best ways to grab the attention of consumers and turn them into loyal fans of your beauty brand is by presenting your product in well designed and professionally printed packaging. Due to their benefits, the popularity of lay flat and stand up pouches have been on the rise in the industry. Ideal to be used for a variety of products such as gel, cream, powder or oil, this type of flexible packaging does not only providing the necessary space for visual appeal, but also helps preserve the freshness of the product building consumer confidence.

Custom Makeup Packaging & Skincare packaging

To catch the eye of makeup enthusiasts, you need a packaging design that stands out and mirrors the quality of what’s inside. With the makeup industry constantly changing, businesses need to regularly adapt their beauty packaging to new trends, product launches or even seasonal lines. With The Packaging Lab, you will benefit from short run packaging printing as you can order just the right number of custom printed pouches with turnaround as fast as 24h.

Custom-printed stand up pouch with smears of liquid makeup products. Health and beauty is an industry supported by The Packaging Lab printing services
Smears of hair products with leaves on a green background. The Packaging Lab offers custom printing to the health and beauty industry

Hair Products Packaging

Haircare brands are using creative hair care packaging to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Consumers have shifted toward hair care and styling products with natural/ organic ingredients and custom printed flexible packaging with a more modern design can help businesses supply this market. Whether it’s shampoo, conditioner, treatment, or styling products, hair product packaging are the opportunity for brands to tell the story of what’s inside and show the results a consumer will get once they use it.

Flexible packaging printed for the health and beauty industry, by The Packaging Lab