Pouch with purple label that reads coffee and tea, printed by The Packaging Lab

Tea & coffee packaging made easy

custom purple coffee and tea resealable packages on a purple background, representing packaging printing services offered by The Packaging Lab

Importance of Beverage Packaging

Choosing the right coffee or tea packaging is important in maintaining the maximum freshness of your product. Stand up coffee pouches and tea packaging pouches are becoming a popular choice by producers. However, this is only the first step in bringing your product to market. To maximise your brand exposure, you need to ensure your packaging stands out for the right reasons, with eye-catching design, quality materials and useful features. The Packaging Lab offers premium packaging printing services with 24-hour turnaround time and no minimum quantities.

Coffee pouch packaging printing

For many people, coffee is a way of life. Connoisseurs look to local businesses for their artisan coffee blends. As a roaster, finding the perfect coffee packaging bag doesn’t need to be a daunting task. Whether you need coffee bean packaging or instant coffee packaging, our resealable coffee bags will not only seal in the aroma but make your brand stand out in the crowd. In addition, our quick order process makes it easy to develop and promote holiday and seasonal coffee blends in a short amount of time.

Stand up pouch printed by The Packaging Lab packaging, next to coffee cups; representing packaging printing services to the coffee industry
The Packaging Lab printed pouch with tea cup and leaves, representing packaging printing services offered to the tea industry

Custom Tea Packaging

High-quality tea packaging is critical for storing delicate ingredients. Just like coffee, tea needs to be protected from light and moisture. Our tea packaging pouches are perfect to keep your tea at its best, whether you are using as tea bag packaging or loose leaf tea packaging. With no minimum order quantity and fast turnaround, it’s easy to get your product to market with The Packaging Lab. To get started, simply upload a PDF of our design using our simple online process.

A black pouch with purple label that reads Coffee and Tea, printed by The Packaging Lab