Please read through all the specifications to ensure a fast and easy uploading process.

Side cut formatting options here.


Printing your black artwork / Pouches

We recommend any black areas in your artwork be 100% black. Not “rich black” or “registration black”.

Selecting colors for your artwork

If you are trying to match a Pantone color, please refer to the Pantone Bridging Swatchbook.

Choose a color from the CMYK column.

This is the best representation of the color we are able to print.

Color Matching

To maintain our very fast production time, we are NOT able to color match. Additionally we are not able to accomodate press checks.

If you need a press proof to review color, we suggest you order 1 pouch from our website to evaluate the color.

Color Mode

Make sure your file is set up in CMYK color mode. If your file is set up in RGB we suggest you convert the file to CMYK.

If you don’t our pre-press software will convert your file and it may have varying results and result in substantial color shifts.

If you are working in Canva, you will only be able to change the color mode if you have the paid version.

Using Light Color In Your Artwork
When using light colors in your artwork, we recommend ink coverage of at least 20% to ensure visibility. 
For example if you want to print a light gray on your pouch, we recommend creating an ink swatch that is at least 20% black. If less than 20% it may not show up or be very subtle when printed.
Object on screen may appear darker than what will print.
When you receive your digital proof, you may receive a warning indicating "low ink coverage" when using low percentages of ink.
Creating Background Patterns In Your Artwork
Some imagery may not be visible when printed if they are placed on a similarly colored background.
For example: If you are trying to create a subtle pattern in a background color, the color difference should be at least 20% apart to be able to see it.
For a black on black pattern, if the background is 100% the pattern within the black should be a maximum of 80% black to be able to be seen.
Please note: The contrast between colors may appear greater on screen than when printed.  When you receive your digital proof, you may receive a warning indicating "low ink coverage" when using low percentages of ink, like in this example.

Template Guide

Templates for Artwork

Download the template for the size pouch you are ordering. You can set up your artwork to our specifications on this template. NOTE: do not modify the size or the orientation of the template. If modified, your artwork will be rejected and it will delay your order. 

Download Templates Here

Safe Area

Keep all important text inside the SAFE AREA of your pouch. This will ensure that important text or artwork will not be trimmed off the pouch or get too close to the edge of the pouch. 

Tear Notch
Located at the top of the pouch and used to help with tearing open a sealed pouch. (See template for location)
If your pouch is not a single use package, the zipper will allow for reclosure. (See template for location)
Hang Hole
Hang holes are an option on almost all of our pouches. We offer 2 styles: round or euro. (See template for location)
Side Cut
To allow for our side cut tolerance, please make sure the artwork on both sides of your pouch matches. If not, there is a high likelihood a portion of the artwork will wrap to the other side of your pouch. Side cut formatting options here.

File Formatting

Creating Artwork in Adobe Illustrator (Recommended)

Adobe Illustrator is the best option for creating your artwork and is the most common tool used by professional designers.

If you are using Illustrator, please download the dieline for your pouch size here.

For more information on our print specifications click here.

Creating Artwork in CANVA®
Start by downloading the dieline for your pouch size here.
Next, download the instructions for creating the artwork here.  
For more information on our print specifications click here.
Convert All Text to Outlines

This will eliminate the need for fonts. In Adobe Illustrator: SELECT > OBJECT > ALL TEXT OBJECTS then TYPE > CREATE OUTLINES

Embed All Image Files

In Adobe Illustrator:  WINDOW > LINKS > Click on the image > Choose “Embed Image(s)” 

File Resolution 300dpi

Make sure that all placed images in your artwork are 300dpi.

This will give the best results when printing your artwork. If there are any images below 300dpi, you will receive a warning on the proof.

It will not prevent us from producing your order unless you reject the proof emailed to you.

Printer's Marks & Unused Layers
Before saving your final artwork file, remove all printer’s marks from the file: crop marks, die lines, color bars, registration marks, etc. 
NOTE: if you see it on the final high resolution PDF, it WILL print
Turn off or remove all unused layers in your art file. This will help keep your file size down and allow easier processing of your order.
Final File Type

Please submit a high resolution PDF file. (PDF/x-1a:2001). We cannot print from an AI, JPG, JPEG, PNG, etc.

Test Barcodes and QR Codes

If you are using bar codes or QR codes, please test them before placing your order. We do NOT test bar codes or QR codes. We will print what is in the file.

Creating a Window on Your Pouch
Please download and follow instruction in this PDF to create a window on your pouch . These instructions are for use in Adobe Illustrator ONLY. 
If you don't have Adobe Illustrator or aren't proficient in Adobe Illustrator, we offer a file set up service at The Packaging Lab.
If you have questions about setting up a window in your artwork, please email
Creating Metallic Effect on Your Pouch

This can be one of the most complicated file set ups to print here at The Packaging Lab. If you are interested in metallic effects on your pouch, please download and follow the instructions in this PDF.

These instructions are for use in Adobe Illustrator ONLY. If you don't have Adobe Illustrator or aren't proficient in Adobe Illustrator, we offer a file set up service at The Packaging Lab. 

If you have questions please contact us at

Download the PDF here.

Need Help Formatting Your Artwork?

If you need help formatting your artwork, we can help. There is a cost involved depending on the level of support needed. Please contact us at to inquire about your options.

Quality Control

Manufacturing Tolerances

We work very hard to keep our tolerances as low a possible, however there will be some variations in your pouches.

This is due to the imperfect nature of the manufacturing process.

What this means: when we trim your pouch or fold your pouch, there may be up to .125” variation in location of the fold or trim.

This is why we recommend all important information or text be inside the SAFE AREA.

The .125” variation applies to the placement of the hang hole, zipper and tear notch in your pouch. (See template for more location information)


Digital Proof Email

Once your order is placed you will receive a proof email. Please review your proof carefully. You will have the option to “ACCEPT” or “REJECT” this proof.

If you do nothing, in 12 hours your order will automatically move into production.