4 Benefits of Flexible Packaging

17 October 2019

Flexible packaging is not only becoming the most popular choice for product companies in almost every industry, but consumers are choosing it over everything else as well. Stand-up pouches offer a gusset at the bottom of the bag to allow the product to stand up while giving more space inside. Lay-flat pouches work best with thinner products. Each can be resealable with an added zipper or can be hung on a retailer’s peg hook with a hang hole. Together, they offer several advantages over traditional packaging.


With busy schedules, consumers are turning to on-the-go snacks and meal replacements that contain healthy ingredients. Flexible packaging offers a lightweight alternative to rigid, bulkier packaging. Pouches are easy to open, store, and reseal a product as needed. This allows people to transport a product with little effort and snack on it throughout the day. For non-food items, pouches and bags can reduce storage needs inside consumers’ homes.


By choosing from several sizes to fit your product, custom pouches can adapt to the product inside. It can offer a better product-to-package ratio than rigid packaging. In addition, you can quickly change your packaging to be in line with your customers’ needs.


Flexible packaging provides seal and barrier protection which can help with product integrity and extend shelf-life. You can choose from different types of material to help keep out moisture or protect against light. Also, the barrier film can keep the product from being punctured.


Product packaging is one of the best marketing tools for your company and flexible packaging offers great design real estate. Think of your pouch as a billboard for your product. Filling the space with an eye-catching design will give you the competitive edge on store shelves and increase your bottom line. Also, with the packaging being lightweight, it can reduce shipping costs and consumer waste.

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