Stand Up Pouch

Our Stand-Up Pouches are available in a variety of sizes, materials, and options. Stand-up pouches hold larger quantities and provide more design real estate to help them stand out on store shelves. Our design team will work with you to create the best design for your stand-up pouch.

How does “Design for Me” work?

Size W (in) x L (in) x Gusset (in) *

These are the outside dimensions of the pouch. Our pouches are produced with an 8mm (5/16”) seal along the sides and bottom edges. For accurate evaluation, please order a free sample pack.

Material *

Clear: 48ga PET / 3mil barrier coex. This is considered high barrier film.

White: 48ga PET 3mil barrier coex. This is considered high barrier film.

Metallized: 48ga MetPET / 2.5mil PE. This is considered high barrier film.

Finish *

Gloss finish has a smooth, shiny appearance

Matte finish is free of shine and has a muted appearance

Zip re-closable Feature *

The addition of a zipper feature allows your pouch to be re-closeable. It is always located in a predetermined position, and small tear notches on both sides of the pouch are automatically included.

Hang Hole *

Two types of hang holes are available

Some pouch sizes are limited to round style only

Round 8mm

Euro-style 10mm x 25mm

Logo Discount *

We’re always looking for help promoting ourselves! If you’re willing to let us include a small version of our logo on your pouches, we’ll apply a discount on your entire order. The logo will be placed away from any of your critical info or branding – typically on the gusset of a stand-up pouch or the lower back portion of a lay-flat pouch.

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If your order needs to be produced by
Roll film on a machine. The Packaging Lab offers custom printing of stand-up pouches


Not only are our flexible packaging materials strong and durable, but they can reduce waste compared to other types of packaging (jars, bottles, cartons, etc.). We offer a variety of barrier films, including metalized, to keep your product protected while extending its shelf life. Our materials help protect your products from moisture, oxygen, and unwanted odors.

You can choose from the following materials:

  • Clear - click here to see the data specifications
  • White - click here to see the data specifications
  • Metallized - click here to see the data specifications


The Packaging Lab is proud to offer order turnarounds in as little as one business day. Please note that the date that your order is ready to ship is different than the date your order will arrive at your location. You have choices for both the production completion time and the shipping transit time. Your shipping cost is based on the FedEx delivery option you choose during checkout.

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